• Director of Fletcher Stewart, Nigel Fletcher hands over a package of bleed control kits to Reaseheath’s forestry and arboriculture course manager Alan Mottram

Reaseheath countryside students will benefit from the latest health and safety technology thanks to a fleet of specialist first aid kits. Following a recent review of on-site safety for countryside students by Level 3 Forestry and Arboriculture Course Manager Alan Mottram, the countryside department has added a range of STEIN bleed control kits to their first aid provision.

Leading Forestry and Arboriculture product distributor Fletcher Stewart, who supplied the kits to the college last week, has collated a dedicated forestry and arborist first-response package including two large bleed control kits and three medium control kits, all for use by our first aid trained instructors on-site during practical training with students. Another aspect of the package includes nine ‘personal bleed control kits’, which can be attached to tree climbing harnesses to fully equip students and instructors with first response aids should an accident happen whilst working up a tree.

The STEIN Bleed Control Kit contains the essential medical equipment and supplies required to save a life in the event of severe life threatening haemorrhage. Assembled with the highest quality components, these kits will give trained first aiders the specialist equipment to deliver lifesaving treatment in the event of a severe haemorrhage whilst awaiting the arrival of the emergency services.

Alan Mottram commented:  “In the unlikely, but possible instance that severe haemorrhage control is required on campus, for example as a result of a cut from a chainsaw, ensuring our instructors have access to the most advanced first aid equipment is vital. We’re proud to be one of the first college’s in the UK to invest in the most advanced bleed control equipment to ensure our students are learning in the safest training environment possible.”

Keen to further support students’ safety awareness and professional development Fletcher Stewart have also provided the department with a number training aids to allow students to gain an insight into how equipment included in the specific bleed control kits are used effectively out in the field.

Director of Fletcher Stewart, Nigel Fletcher who delivered the kits to the college said: “It’s great to see Reaseheath going above and beyond to provide their students and staff with the latest advances in health and safety products and I’m delighted to help support this process. The role of the arborist and forestry specific bleed control kits have vital and potentially life-saving place in industry and it’s great to see Reaseheath staying ahead of the game in demonstrating best health and safety best practice to the next generation of arboriculture professionals.”

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