Reaseheath Engineering Department Receives New Equipment

The Engineering department has recently received a host of new machinery, which will serve to support current and future learners on their educational journey.

New machinery includes: harvesting and processing machinery, new square balers and tractors valued at over £300,000. This machinery has been kindly loaned to the college by manufacturers and local dealers.

Students engaged in a range practical sessions utilising the new equipment, working with Graeme Smith in the workshop. One student Ben Hobster commented on the sessions: “this helped me to further understand the balers, and brought to life the diagrams and hand-outs we had received in class regarding these machines”.

He went on to mention: “one of the most interesting parts was seeing how this machinery has evolved over the years. It was great to look at the crop flow, carry out adjustments and checks, ensuring machines would run perfectly”.

Students hope to see more equipment like this utilised in future, to help continue to build their practical knowledge and experience of  working with such equipment. This will endeavour to further help students strive to reach their potential in their chosen engineering careers.


Ben Hobster

Engineering Student