SA Kayaking Challenge

The first big fundraiser of the year is done and dusted! Our challenge was to kayak the length of the River Weaver in 4 hours 45 minutes. We raised a total of £87.65 in the canteen which, given that most of the donations were from students, is quite impressive.

Kayak Challenge saWe also covered the distance from Dover to Calais and back in 5.5 hours. This took place in Crewe town centre on Saturday and we raised a total of £114. We are hoping to beat that this Saturday coming when we have another kayaking challenge, this time we’ll be taking along the St. Luke’s Hospice mascot.

As of Sunday Christmas Ball tickets will be on sale to residents from the bar. The rest of the tickets will be on sale on Thursday for day students. Ball tickets are £5 or £8 for the meal and ball ticket, the dress code is black tie. Look out for the Christmas ball posters around campus for details.

Check in again next week for another update.

Sam Norfolk
SA President