The Cheshire Grassland Society celebrates half century

The Cheshire Grassland Society celebrates half century

The Cheshire Grassland Society celebrated its 50th anniversary with a drinks reception and formal dinner at Reaseheath College, Nantwich, last week.

The society held its first meeting at Reaseheath in October 1964 and has held its winter meetings at the college since then.

Sixty past and present members attended including past chairmen George Radley, (1973/74), Neville Thornhill, (1982/83), Jim Fletcher (1984/85), Richard Ratcliffe (1986/87), Stuart Yarwood (1988/89), Ken Furness (1992/94), David Hughes (1994/95) and Colin Hamilton (2011/13) and current chairman Phil Feeney. They were joined by members of the British Grassland Society and by representatives from the agriculture industry.

The Cheshire Grassland Society provides a forum for the county’s progressive grassland farmers, helping them to grow more grass which is converted by livestock into milk and meat for the supermarket shelf. The society invites specialist speakers to its winter meetings, organises silage and grazing competitions among members and runs an annual trip to look at top class grassland farms in other parts of the country.

The Cheshire Grassland Society secretary Lesley Innes, a member of the planning committee for the event, said: “The evening marked a significant milestone for the society and it was a great success. The drinks reception had a vibrant atmosphere and this was followed by an excellent formal dinner. Guests were delighted to have the opportunity to catch up and reminisce, particularly as some had not seen each other for years. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I am sure the evening will be talked about for a very long time.”

The event was partly sponsored by Harvey Hughes Ltd, HJ Lea Oakes, Trouw Nutrition, Germinal Seeds, Nickerson Seeds and Growhow Ltd.