The College is pleased to receive comments on its services and feedback is obtained through student questionnaires and meetings between students and staff. The College provides a quality service but there will be some occasions where things don’t go to plan.

It is important that you distinguish between a minor problem which can be dealt with quickly and a more serious complaint or grievance which needs to be addressed by formal College procedures. For minor problems please discuss these with your Course Manager or the Student Services team.

If the complaint or grievance is a serious one there are a set of procedures that must be followed. Details of the full complaints procedure are on the student intranet. You need to raise the issue formally with a College manager who will give you information on the process you need to follow.

Academic Appeals

If you have any issues about the way an assessment has been carried out or the outcome of the assessment then these should be raised initially with the member of staff conducting the assessment. If issues cannot be resolved then there are procedures for dealing with the manner formally.

Usually the student will arrange to meet with the internal verifier for the programme who will provide advice on the matter. If the issue is major and cannot be resolved with the internal verifier there is a procedure to follow which is on the student intranet.

Reaseheath College is committed to ensuring that internal assessments are marked and administered fairly, consistently and in accordance with the awarding body specifications and subject-specific associated documents. View the College Policies here.

Unsatisfactory Behaviour

The College expects and encourages good behaviour of students on campus and within the local community. Unsatisfactory behaviour will be addressed and there are formal procedures for dealing with incidents. Details of the full ‘Student Disciplinary Code’ are on the student intranet.

Unsatisfactory Academic Work

The College expects all students to work to their maximum potential and to aim to obtain the best grades possible for their qualifications. If a student has problems then assistance will be offered to help improve standards.

If students fail to hand in assessed work, or work is of a poor standard despite assistance being provided, then procedures are followed to address issues. A copy of the procedures can be obtained from your Course Manager.

At the end of each term students who fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements or fail to reach the required standard of work may be asked to attend an interview with the Principal or Vice Principal. The outcome of this interview will determine if the individual is allowed to return to College the following term. All students are expected to work towards their full potential and the College will not tolerate poor performance which is deemed to be within the student’s capabilities.