College Bucket List: things every student must do!

  1. Go on a day trip – When you’re at university, it can be easy to get drawn into everything happening on campus and you may forget about the surrounding areas. Grab your friends and visit some of the local eateries, go to Snugburys or Chester Zoo or go for a walk around Nantwich. There are so many places to visit on your free days!
  2. Have a dinner party with your friends in accommodation – (did somebody say Student Come Dine with Me?) One tradition that I’ve always loved doing with my housemates is cooking a Christmas dinner together!
  3. Join clubs and societies Moving to uni can be scary and meeting new people can be hard, but joining groups of like-minded individuals can help you settle in much quicker. Remember, you’re all there for the same reason and share common interests.
  4. Make it to a 9am lecture after a night out – This is part of student life and it’ll happen at some point! Grab yourself a bottle of water and some orange juice to help you get through it.
  5. Learn how to PROPERLY reference – Don’t rely on referencing websites (they never do it right!) The sooner you nail this skill the easier things will be for you when the assignments start stacking up.
  6. Try volunteering Whether it’s setting up for our weekly socials, helping us car park big events, helping out with our Lambing weekends, or finding a volunteering opportunity at the zoo, anything additional to add to your CV will always help.
  7. Attend as many socials as you can – Each week there is a different themed social event held on campus which is great for making friends and memories! Get yourselves a keyring as a souvenir.
  8. Join the Student Association (SA) – If you want to have a direct impact on your university experience, joining the SA is a great way to do this! The SA is a group of like-minded volunteers looking to enrich their experience and build on their CVs. You will have your say in what events are run and how, you’ll attend meetings with the Principal to give direct feedback on your Reaseheath experience and you’ll be part of a team who raise thousands for charity.
  9. Submit an assignment early, not just the day before it’s due – The feeling of relief where you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve already met the deadline and had plenty of time to get all of your points across is unbeatable! This means you can still add more in the run up to the deadline instead of panicking trying to cram it all in.
  10. Have a picnic in one of Reaseheath’s green spaces – A picnic by the lake when the sun is out is so relaxing, and it’s lovely to make the most of the weather and enjoy being outside (please dispose of all litter appropriately!)
  11. Pay a visit to the Careers office – whether it’s for advice, reading through your CV or discussing work experience, it pays to be ahead of the game and identify what you’re working towards.
  12. Celebrate the little things – Submitting your first assignment, doing your washing for the first time, cooking your first proper meal (no, Pot Noodles do NOT count!)
  13. Do something CRAZY for charity – Take part in the Reaseheath RAG challenges and you may surprise yourself by walking up Snowdon, climbing the O2 arena, walking Hadrian’s Wall or trying to tackle the Sandstone Trail. You could also create your own challenge for charity; shave your head, get your legs waxed – the sky is the limit!
  14. Take on karaoke – Most of us feel a little more confident after a pint so have some Dutch courage (or not!) and show off your singing skills by belting out some tunes.
  15. Try a new sport – At Reaseheath,  we have a number of sporting clubs from football, rugby, netball and hockey, to pole fitness, fencing, archery and laser clay pigeon shooting! Are you interested in ‘This Girl Can’? Bootcamp? Zumba? Boxing? Take your pick or join them all!
  16. Make the most of Freshers’ Fairs and Careers Fairs – These are fab opportunities to do some networking! Meet the leaders of clubs and societies, meet local businesses who may be hiring and get yourself some freebies and vouchers (this is a great time to collect pens!)
  17. Try and get a sleeping pattern – Aim for 8 hours each night, and if not, try waking up at the same time each day to give yourself some routine (it helps I promise!)
  18. Try to support someone else on your course –This is beneficial to test your knowledge and it’s nice to help someone in need. It’s also a great way to make friends and know that in future they may well be doing the same for you too!
  19. Try and avoid takeaways for a week – This will be easy for some, and much harder for others! It’s also so helpful to try and do some exercise when you can, even if it’s just taking a walk around our beautiful campus.
  20. Attend at least one seasonal ball – Freshers’ Ball, Winter Ball, Spring Ball, Summer Ball are all amazing celebrations of all the work everyone has done and are great fun!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy ticking these off as you experience Reaseheath life!

About The Author

 I’m Luci. I’m 22, have come from Telford and have just started the final year on my course, BSc Canine Clinical Behaviour. I have been the Student President for the last year and I would have been a student at Reasheath for a total 5 years (two years at college level prior to my degree). I live on-site in the brand new townhouses, which is in my opinion, easily the best halls (though I may be a bit biased).