Introducing Amber Lane – Business & Events Management student

Hello! I’m Amber. This is my first year here at Reaseheath College and my first year at college in general. Its safe to say that this experience has been daunting to say the least, I came to Reaseheath, knowing no one, so had to meet completely new people which I can admit has not been easy. Don’t get me wrong, everyone I have met has been lovely and so kind to me, but I just needed to find where I fitted in. I’m sure many of you have been feeling the same way as the campus can be quite scary with around 7000 students and counting. I chose to take Business & Events Management as it incorporates elements of both business and events, so I felt that it would prepare me for all aspects of the business environment. The course is very interesting and shows many different areas of a wide topic.

The first week of Reaseheath was obviously the induction week, I wasn’t entirely sure how this would compare to the other colleges in the local area but after asking a few friends from other colleges, it seems that Reaseheath was much more supportive of their first-year students then other colleges. In the first week my group was personally supported by the staff at Reaseheath who showed us around the site and gave advice when we were confused by anything in class or on site. So far, the staff have been extremely supportive during lessons and out of lessons with assignments. From what I have gathered the other colleges haven’t supported their students as much.

I hope that everybody who went to the fresher’s ball enjoyed it. I was not entirely sure what to expect from the event however I went and really enjoyed it! The Dixon brothers were really good, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy them. I would seriously suggest going to other socials after the one I went to. I can say that it was great, and I will be attending others in the future. However, I did make the mistake of not taking my student ID, at the socials they won’t let you in if you forget to bring it as its used as ID at the bar and to show you are a student. Luckily the staff in the student services were kind enough to print me off a new ID so that I could enjoy the event.
Thank you very much for reading and I will be back with another blog post soon.