Introducing Charlotte Brunt – BSc (Hons) Equine Science student

First and foremost, hello! I’m Charlotte. I’m 19, have come from Manchester and have just started the first of three years on my course, BSc (Hons) Equine Science. I have been around and owned horses for the majority of my life and am passionate about all things equine so it made sense to continue my passion into a career. So, after taking the leap of faith earlier this year and applying to University Centre Reaseheath, here I am!

I live on-site in Platt Halls, which is in my opinion, easily the best halls (though I may be a bit biased). Settling in was my biggest concern, having never lived away from home before. I needn’t have worried. You really do get used to it so quickly and within a few days I’d found myself a group of friends that I can see being friends for life (shout-out to you, you know who you are!)

Living on campus does just makes the whole experience for me, I really do love it. It’s a whole different way of life. There’s plenty of places to eat so I never go hungry despite my significant lack of cookery skills. Just ask my flatmates, I’m a bit notorious for pot noodles. The buildings are all easy to find – again I lack any sense of direction and could get lost in an empty room – and if I ever am stuck, all the staff & SA members are so lovely and approachable, that I never have a problem asking for help. I have applied for and have become a member of the Student Association myself, so chances are you might see me getting involved with some activities or helping out with Course Open Days.

There is SO much stuff on in the student bar and on-site that you don’t actually have time to get homesick. From a hypnotist to the Over 18s Bavarian Night that was on last week, we’ve had our schedules jam backed from the get go. I officially submitted my first assignment earlier last week so last Thursday, we all went down to the bar, just so you know university isn’t all work and no play!

I’ve currently just finished week four and have had a decent taste of all my lectures, with Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Physiology being an easy favourite. It is hard work getting used to it, I won’t sugar coat it, but once you’re into the swing of things it gets easier and I personally enjoy a challenge (As I realised the other day when algebra came back to haunt me…)

I have a few ideas of things I’d potentially like to go into in the future, veterinary or rehabilitation being the main two areas I’m interested in. In relation to my personal goals, aside from my degree, I want to finish my novel and would be beyond ecstatic to get it published! That’s just about everything off me for now, I hope I haven’t waffled at you too much and if you fancy continuing to read my updates of our adventures and my Reaseheath journey in the future, check back soon!