At our recent Student of the Term Awards, we celebrated individuals who truly went above and beyond in their academic endeavours last term, embodying the spirit of our BeMore initiative.

Selecting just one outstanding student from each department was no easy feat, with scores of nominations highlighting students who consistently demonstrated our PRIDE values (People, Responsibility, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence) and made significant progress aligned with our BeMore principles.

Our online celebration brought together award winners and their supportive families, while senior staff joined in to celebrate the students’ dedication. Each winner received a certificate and cash vouchers in recognition of their achievements.

Presenting the students with their certificates, Principal Marcus Clinton expressed his pride, stating: “Being chosen as a Student of the Term is a significant accomplishment. This recognition reflects your hard work and commitment to excellence, serving as an inspiration to your fellow students.”

Below are the 16 students who shone last term:

Mia Thorley, Level 3 Animal Management

Mia consistently meets high standards in her coursework, maintaining perfect attendance and embodying the college’s PRIDE values in every lesson. She works diligently and goes above and beyond to excel, both inside and outside of college.

Polite and courteous, Mia earned praise from all her instructors. She’s achieved top scores in various exams and tasks, showing excellence in both theory and practical work. Additionally, she actively supports her classmates and is committed to expanding her own knowledge.

Her work experience feedback highlights her punctuality, proactive approach, and good communication skills. Her quiet professionalism and dedication are evident to all who work with her.

Oli Wilson, T Level Agriculture, Land Management and Production

Oli’s impact on the Reaseheath Students’ Union in just a couple of months has been remarkable. Upon joining, he took charge of reorganising the Farmers’ Society, successfully attracting 30 members through event planning and creating a welcoming social atmosphere. Impressively, many of these members are under 18, a demographic often challenging to engage, but Oli’s approachable yet professional demeanour has drawn them in. The Farmers’ Society has provided valuable learning opportunities, particularly for those unfamiliar with farming.

Oli has actively contributed to various SU events while maintaining a balance with his studies, earning praise from his curriculum team. His maturity and drive have set a high standard for other SU members.

Charlie Eden, Level 1 Cookery Skills

Charlie has consistently shown dedication, a strong work ethic, and exemplary manners while demonstrating a commitment to excellence in both Food and Business lessons. His active participation, completion of tasks, and high-quality work showcased his enthusiasm for learning and his recent project on career aspirations in the culinary arts highlights his creativity and writing skills. Charlie approaches tasks with enthusiasm and a can do attitude and his consistent hard work and positive feedback reflect his dedication.

Charlie excels in group activities, demonstrating excellent teamwork and communication skills. His willingness to support his classmates enhances the learning experience for everyone.

Aiden Rogers, Foundation Maths and English

Aiden adopts a cheerful outlook and dedication in English class. He actively participates, even when faced with challenges. He takes advantage of extra learning opportunities, such as the Wednesday creative writing sessions, even going the extra mile to attend when facing technical difficulties. Aiden embodies the BeMore spirit of striving for potential, and is always looking to improve. Every week, in every lesson, Aiden gives it 100%. He is not only a quality learner, but also a real gentleman.

Mia Clapp, Level 3 Physical Activity, Fitness and Exercise Science

Mia juggles a busy schedule with exceptional organisational skills, consistently producing high-quality work on time. Mia sets high standards and has a deep understanding of her coursework, readily applying theory in practice.

Her competitive spirit fuels her learning, balanced by a supportive nature that sees her mentor fellow students. Leadership is another strength – Mia’s reliability and willingness to help extend beyond her studies, where she contributes to the college community through gym management and student training.

Molly McGuiness Cronin, T Level Design, Surveying and Planning

Molly exemplifies dedication and resilience. Her excellent attendance, meticulous note-taking which even inspires her lecturers, and her embodiment of the college’s PRIDE values make her a standout student.

Molly’s curiosity shone during a recent employer visit, where her insightful questions impressed the CEO, leading to praise and potential future placement opportunities. Currently excelling in research for her project and core exams, Molly is a true asset to the Construction Department.

Sam Sheriff, BSc Zoo Management

Exceptional attendance, thoughtful contributions, and a passion for animals have fuelled Sam’s academic journey. A merit in the FdSc program propelled him to the top-up degree, where his enthusiasm shines in his multi-zoo research project.

Sam’s dedication extends beyond data collection, building valuable connections with zoo staff. His BCUR-accepted abstract highlights his research talent, and his pursuit of a teaching qualification showcases his ambitions for his future career. A supportive classmate, Sam encourages a positive learning environment.

Sam Holroyd, Level 3 Business and Events with Tourism

A true team player, Sam includes everyone and goes above and beyond to his fellow students.

He maximises academic progress workshop sessions, is always punctual, and takes pride in high-quality work, constantly pushing himself.

Sam’s commitment shone through during the November English GCSE resit. Through Century and dedicated revision, he achieved a grade 4.

Jack McGahan, Level 3 Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture (Livestock)

Jack demonstrates exceptional commitment with a 99.1% attendance record, excelling in his transition to college life. He’s actively engaged in class discussions, particularly on forage crops, and always for answers to ensure his understanding. A valuable cohort member, Jack helps classmates facing challenges. Outside of the college, he gained practical experience with cattle during his placement year and plans to further hone his skills this summer.

Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his goal of establishing a pig Bed and Breakfast in North Yorkshire. His dedication, work ethic, and agricultural aspirations make him a valuable asset to the college.

Wolfgang Wood, Level 3 Land and Wildlife (Conservation)

A dedicated student who consistently strives for excellence, Wolfgang’s active participation in class and 100% attendance are a testament to his strong work ethic.

His passion for the environment is evident in his volunteer work with community initiatives – he recently attended the Alsager Green Fair to educate families about sustainability. Looking towards the future, Wolfgang is determined to achieve top grades at university. His internship at The Canal and River Trust showcased his impressive practical skills and teamwork ability.

Leon Jones, Level 3 Bus and Coach Engineering Technician Apprenticeship

Leon has progressed into his second demonstrating resilience and dedication throughout his journey. Initially adjusting to the work and college environment posed challenges, however, Leon’s commitment to overcoming obstacles has been remarkable.

With the support of his workplace mentor and managers, he has shown consistent growth in confidence and determination. Leon’s unwavering dedication shines through, embodying the college’s PRIDE values.

Donna Yates, Level 3 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Engineering

Donna consistently excels in both classes and workshops, boasting a perfect attendance record and achieving top scores in exams. Her exceptional performance was evident in her standout electrical assignment, which demonstrated not only her deep understanding but also her strong work ethic.

In the workshop setting, Donna confidently tackles mechanical challenges, showcasing her problem-solving skills. Recently, she resolved a complex engine issue, highlighting her proficiency in practical applications. Her meticulous note-taking and curiosity drive her academic success, allowing her to clearly explain complex ideas, while her passion for automotive technology is contagious.

Jaz Arrowsmith, Level 3 Advanced Equine Management

With her dedication and passion for equine studies Jaz has shown remarkable growth at Reaseheath. She excels in riding, theory, and practical modules, demonstrating empathy for horses and a developing understanding of their needs.

Always willing to help others, Jaz embodies our PRIDE values. She’s calm, confident, and takes initiative in horse care. Jaz actively seeks feedback to improve and demonstrates a strong work ethic.

Maya Twigg, Level 2 Floristry

With artistic flair and a passion for learning, Maya is a natural leader and as the course’s student representative, she is a popular classmate.

Punctual and organised, Maya proactively keeps the classroom spotless, even after evening classes. Her ‘get on with it’ attitude makes her invaluable to staff and students. Maya’s insightful contributions spark lively discussions and her infectious enthusiasm and pride in her work uplift the entire class. Inclusive and helpful, Maya embodies Reaseheath’s PRIDE values.

Rex Colquhoun-Lynn, Foundation in Animal Care

Rex embodies PRIDE values with his kindness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm for learning. He leads by example in group work and his passion for animal care extends to researching species and sharing his findings. He tackles all tasks with initiative, including the less pleasant ones!

Rex’s work experience at a dog groomer showcased his employability skills. His employer praised his friendly demeanour, strong knowledge, and ability to work independently. Rex’s skills and work ethic led to him being offered part-time work at his placement, where he was commended for his punctuality, professionalism, and growth in confidence.

James Pennington: Level 3 Food and Technology Management

James is polite and well-mannered, approaching classroom tasks with enthusiasm and offering support to classmates. He consistently completes assignments to a high standard and on time, despite juggling multiple qualifications in Food and Agriculture.

Demonstrating technical competence, he readily seeks advice when needed. His agricultural background complements his skills in food processing. Despite farm responsibilities, James maintains a strong work ethic, balancing academic studies and extracurricular activities.