We are excited and proud to be a finalist in the prestigious Green Gown Awards under the Next Generation Learning & Skills Category!

Established in 2004, the Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges. With sustainability moving up the agenda, the Awards have become established as the most prestigious recognition of best practice within the further and higher education sector.

Project summary:

This project is a collaboration between Reaseheath College students, Wrenbury Primary School students and Simon Radley (Michelin Chef):

  • Simon Radley made three bespoke family recipes for students to create
  • Reaseheath College horticulture students provided next generation learning and skills by teaching Wrenbury Primary School children how to grow one sustainable ingredient for each recipe
  • Simon Radley then taught Reaseheath College food technology students how to prepare each recipe
  • Reaseheath College food technology students then shared their knowledge and experience to provide next generation learning to teach Wrenbury Primary children to re-create each recipe
  • Wrenbury Primary school children then re-created the recipes for their own families

This project teaches next generation learning in both horticulture and food technology encouraging school children to make the connection between growing their own sustainable ingredients and using their new skills to create a recipe to share with their family.

Project recipes:

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

I was inspired by the students, the way they were behaving towards their role. They were so happy and involved in it.

It’s made me want to cook stuff that I have grown. It made try more food … Not only is it fresher, it ‘s healthier.

I could tell that the students were very happy with their decisions, and I could sense their radiation of confidence and pride.

I felt very fortunate and proud to see and work with someone as special as Simon Radley.

Having this experience has made me more conscious of my diet, and made me work harder to make my food choices sustainable and eco-friendly and healthy.

Animal management has therapeutic abilities, and makes you feel great!

If I were to change one thing in my lifestyle, it would be to start growing my own food.

I don’t really like school trips but I really enjoyed this one. I liked it as I was allowed to cook.

This project helped us to reduce food miles, encourages more people to grow things at home and reduce global warming. It also showed us how to make more things out of one food

It made me realise that there are 101 million jobs I could have. The students were great and showed us how everything worked. They were very kind.  I now know how to present a meal and it makes me want to grow more. It made me feel proud as I was eating food that I had grown. Field to Fork teaches students how to be healthy then we teach others about it.

It opened my mind to growing my own food and showed me that everyone can be happy in their job. It made me feel fortunate to see a Michelin star chef and it makes me want to cook home grown food. It also made me realise that caring for an animal can make you feel nice. It has also made me try new meals.

Before this, I knew nothing about cooking and now I know loads. It made me think about eating sustainably and makes me want to grow it myself. It also makes me want to get food only from England.

Pupils create healthy meal as part of ‘Field to Fork’ project

Pupils from Wrenbury Primary School have continued to learn first hand about sustainable food production and healthy eating by making a nutritious meal as part of a ‘Field to Fork’ initiative being run by Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

Pupils create second healthy ‘Field to Fork’ meal

Pupils from Wrenbury Primary School learned more about sustainable food production and healthy eating by making their second nutritious meal as part of a ‘Field to Fork’ initiative run by Reaseheath.

Reaseheath College provides ‘field to fork’ experience for local school pupils

Pupils from Wrenbury Primary School learned first hand about sustainable food production and healthy eating during a visit to Reaseheath College in Nantwich.