Malbank pupils enjoying the soup they made during their visit to Reaseheath College’s Food Centre

Malbank school pupils put their classroom lessons into context during a themed programme to celebrate World Food Day at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

Fifteen Year 9 and Year 10 pupils who are studying sustainability and environmental issues as part of their GCSE in Food Technology enjoyed making their own soup in the college’s Food Centre and toured its dairy processing halls and other industry standard facilities.

They also took part in discussions and practical activities based on the World Food Day theme, which this year aims to address global food poverty by providing nutritional, affordable and sustainable food which is available to all. The sessions, delivered by Reaseheath experts and partners, covered topics such as nutrition, food waste reduction, sustainable packaging, the importance of correct food labelling and how individuals could lessen their own environmental impact – for instance by buying local seasonal products.

Reaseheath Commercial Development Co-ordinator Julie Bent, who shared the lead on the day with technologist Jen Newall, said: “We were delighted to invite the Malbank pupils in and to share with them some of the important topics we discuss on a day to day basis with our own food technology students.  It’s essential that young people today appreciate the range and scope of the food and drink industry and how it directly affects the lives of everyone. This visit also gave the pupils the chance to see first-hand how the industry operates and to consider whether they might have a future in it themselves.”

Malbank Food Technology teacher Sarah Conneely, who accompanied the group with Food Technician Miss Tina Baker, said: “The pupils had already studied many of the topics as part of their GCSE but having hands-on sessions in a professional setting really brought to life what they’d learned.

“I’d like to thank Reaseheath for the time and effort which staff gave to planning our visit and for the kindness and generosity shown to us all. The group thoroughly enjoyed their day and they are all very keen to repeat it.”

Josh Mitchison, 14, from Crewe, who wants to be a chef and does a lot of home cooking, said: “Today has been great fun. As well as making our own soup for lunch we’ve looked at some important topics and learned a lot about the food industry.”