Left-right: Claire Storer (Programme Leader – English), Chris Chadwick (maths teacher), Jake Spencer-Kellett (English winner), James Latham (maths teacher), Gemma Lambe (English winner), Jenny Drain (English teacher), Adam Carter-Bailey (English winner), Damian Dinsley (maths winner), Lisa Linde (English teacher) and Oliver Moffitt (English winner).

Today maths and English term stars were recognised for their achievements. A total of 22 students received an amazon voucher presented to them by their teacher who proudly announced why they were chosen. Nominations were made for a range of positive attributes including excellent attendance, good attitude, exemplary commitment and effort to learn. The students received their prizes in front of an audience of proud English and maths tutors and their course managers.

Every half term one student from each maths and English group are nominated as their ‘star’ – one student for English and another for maths. Then termly, the teachers from the maths and English teams discuss and consider who should be the overall winners; each receiving a prize. Pictured are the 8 winners from this term.

Holly Connor, Curriculum Area Manager for Maths and English said “‘It’s fantastic to see so many of you here this morning, either as winners or supporting the winners. All of you must have excelled in your maths or English studies to be chosen, you should be really proud of yourselves and your achievement”.

Congratulations to all of the winners –


  • Damian Dinsley (maths)
  • Adam Carter-Bailey (English)

Animal Management:

  • Siobhan Hayes (maths)
  • Gemma Lambe (English)


  • Megan Emptage (maths)
  • Oliver Moffitt (English)


  • Liam Sutcliffe (maths)
  • Tom Watts (English)


  • Jack Wilkinson (maths)
  • Jake Spencer-Kellett (English)


  • Kallum Washburn (maths)
  • Ryan Fleet (English)


  • Jodie Henshall (maths)
  • Tamsin Astbury (English)


  • Matt Jones (maths)
  • Ethan Hatton (English)


  • Nicholas Beuken (maths)
  • Bradley Potts (English)


  • Natalie Drury (maths)
  • Kyle Lane (English)

Public Services/Sport:

  • Daniel Yeadon (maths)
  • Sam Kelly (English)