The special requirements of captive exotic animals will come under the spotlight at a welfare seminar at Reaseheath College, Nantwich, on Sunday April 30.

The full day seminar, which is suitable for experienced and beginner animal keepers and for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), covers the care of species including reptiles, primates, rabbits and birds and features common problems and how to tackle them.

Speakers include Frances Baines, a world expert in UV animal lighting, Grace Dickinson, who will share training techniques for exotic animals, and CheshirePet vet Sara Jones, who will demonstrate health checks on rabbits and reptiles.

Other topics will include primate behaviour and housing and how to identify the best plant food for reptiles, birds and rabbits. There will also be interactive displays, allowing delegates to gain practical skills as well as knowledge.

Sponsors include exotic pet nutritional experts Vetark, animal lighting specialist Arcadia and Safe4, which supplies Defra approved disinfectant.

The event is being run by a team of Reaseheath’s animal professionals. Lauren Lane, Deputy Manager of the college’s zoo, explained: “Caring for exotic pets is far more complicated than you think, so we decided to host this seminar to raise awareness of their special management.

“For instance, reptiles need set levels of UV lighting. But while many owners have UV bulbs, they do not know how to measure the levels correctly. Even commonly kept pets like rabbits need specific feeding to avoid digestive problems, a companion to keep them company and more space than many owners appreciate.

“It is up to us to ensure that the animals in our care lead happy, healthy lives in accommodation which is fit for purpose and which allows them, as far as possible, to exhibit natural behaviour. They need correct nutrition and, when necessary, veterinary care. Hopefully they will repay this by giving their owners enjoyment for many years.”

Tickets are £35 including lunch and can be bought through Reaseheath’s online shop here.