Hints and tips to moving in

Before arriving on campus

Before you move in to Reaseheath there are a few things you can do in order to prepare.

> Have a planner with all the important dates that you are already aware of, be sure to check out the fresher’s plan to look at the activities we have planned for you when you arrive. Highlight the events you may be interested in attending.

>Organise your stationary. Ensuring you have all the necessary equipment for your course is essential. Buying all the basics like paper, pens, post it notes, flashcards, files as well as a good laptop will benefit you when you begin your studies.

> Shop around for a student bank account before you arrive. Many offer different perks.

>Practice your cooking skills in advance as well as finding some good and simple recipes that can be cooked on a budget.

> Download apps for university/college such as unidays/ student beans (make the most of the discounts)

>Pack in advance. Give yourself enough time to make sure everything is packed. Take a look at our Kit list page for guidance.

If you have any questions about moving in or any worries, we have a Safeguarding team and freshers crew that will help you move in and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

” I was worried about not knowing my way around the campus as it seemed quite confusing, but the campus tours I received during freshers meant I knew my way around by the end of my first week of being at Reaseheath”

“I made the commitment to go to as many social activities as possible during freshers, this allowed me to meet lots of new people that were outside of my accommodation and course early on in the year. These included sports such as badminton, social activities in the bar like the foam party social as well as many others.”

“I was very excited to move into Reaseheath, one piece of advice from my first time moving in is to bring your belongings in bags rather than boxes, the boxes are likely to be thrown away as they are awkward to store. Strong carrier bags from supermarkets can then also be used to transport washing to and from the washroom”