Rules and Regulations

Our Reaseheath Residential provision will provide you with a safe and social environment, to give you memories for life and promote your social development. This is aided by learners abiding by following rules and regulations.


We have a close connection with our local community. When leaving campus remember that you are still representing the College. Please be respectful of our community and neighbours, particularly in the early hours of the morning. Please keep the noise levels to a minimum.


Pets are not allowed in Halls of Residence, nor are they allowed on college transport. However, assistance dogs are allowed in Halls, if they are fully registered with ADUK.

Please see the assistance dog’s policy. ​​​​​​

ID Badges

You must wear your ID badge at all times when on campus. This is vital in enabling staff and fellow students to identify who should be on site.

Car Parking

Parking permits must be displayed on all student vehicles and are obtainable from the transport office.


Living in Halls can be fun, but you should always be aware that your neighbours may have different commitments the following day. Hopefully in most circumstances a polite conversation to turn the noise down would suffice. Otherwise, please contact the safeguarding team.

Communal kitchen areas

These spaces are for communal use and should be respected. Please use your own equipment and if you do need to borrow anything, please ask first.

Room Tidiness & cleanliness

The Domestics team will clean your room every 2 weeks and empty your bin every day. If your room is a untidy, then they will not clean it and will let us know. Keeping your room tidy is not only for hygiene purposes, but it also promotes positive mental wellbeing. The Domestics Team are there to clean, NOT tidy up after you.

Please be aware, that it is domestic staff policy to lock bedrooms if they enter. Therefore, please keep your key with you at all times, or you may be locked out.

Smoking and vaping

There are designated smoking and vaping areas on site. Smoking or vaping in any other areas than these are strictly not allowed.

Room inventory

When you move in you will be provided with a Room-inventory form, which needs to be completed within the first 48 hours of moving in to ensure you are not charged for any existing damage.


Our residential accommodation is allocated into Under 18 females, under 18 males, and over 18s.

Any visitors to your halls of residence excluding parents/ guardians need to comply with the age and gender allocation of each halls of residence. For example

  • Only under 18 males can enter under 18 male accommodation
  • Only under 18 females can enter under 18 female accommodation
  • Only over 18 guests can enter over 18 accommodation.

Overnight guests are only permitted on a Friday and Saturday night, in accordance with the guidance above.

All guests need to be signed in and out at Residential Services. Any damage or misconduct from the guests will be the responsibility of the student.


The college has a zero tolerance to drugs. Anyone found in the possession of, or under the influence of, will be dealt with in accordance to the Colleges Disciplinary Policy.


The college has a zero tolerance to any type of Bullying.

If you witness bullying or are a victim of it, please report it to the Safeguarding mobile (07889216789). Or report it via see it say it.

Under 18s

Leaving site and Curfew

When you leave campus you must hand in your ID badge to Residential services and collect it when arriving back.

Curfew for coming back on campus is 11pm. And in your hall of residence for 11:30pm.


It is against the law to consume alcohol under the age of 18. That includes drinking on or off site.

Any under 18 students found in the possession of or under the influence of alcohol will be dealt with in accordance to the disciplinary process.

Doctors and Hospital

We will take you to medical appointments in the area and wait with you, should you need any assistance. Then bring you back to campus when finished.

Disciplinary Policy

We have a Student Disciplinary Policy to ensure a safe environment on campus. The policy covers academic and residential conduct.