Four very lucky students were given the opportunity to visit the famous Silverstone F1 Motor Racing Circuit this week courtesy of Pistonheads Sunday Service. Pistonheads invite their website members to specialist motor vehicle events on a monthly basis and call them their Sunday Service. Entry is free to the lucky people that sign up. This Sunday 700 people were allowed access to the Ferrari Clienti Programme.

The Ferrari Clienti programme is for multi millionaires who purchase special cars from Ferrari that are not available to the general public, only to their most exclusive customers. Cars such as the F1 world champion Michael Schumacher’s & Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 cars and the 599XX and the Enzo based FXX.

Members of the clienti programme do not take their cars home with them. Ferrari transports them to the most exclusive racetracks in the world for them to use and then take them back to Modena again at the end of the weekend.

Normally the only people allowed access to the event are those people invited by the Ferrari factory or those being wooed by the Ferrari dealers.

The students were treated to a spectacular day of Ferrari events. Including a parade that attempted to amass the largest number of Ferrari’s in one place, a total of 1,087 were paraded along the circuit.  

F1 cars were raced around the circuit at breakneck speeds to a cacophony of high revving noise by the super rich while the students took the opportunity to try on the latest Ferrari’s, including the 458 Italia Spider for size.