Student Tom to star in groundbreaking TV series

A Reaseheath countryside student is one of the stars in a groundbreaking  TV series about the unique abilities of people who have neuro-diverse conditions.

Employable Me’ uses science to uncover the strengths and skills of people who have Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome as they seek employment. This is in the wake of radical emerging findings that neurological conditions shouldn’t always be looked at in negative terms. Leading scientists and psychologists are brought in to show how harnessing the conditions can lead to outstanding ability and eventually to a dream job.

Tom, who is 27 and lives in Staffordshire, has Tourette’s Syndrome. A film crew from Optomen Television spent a day in January capturing his journey on camera as he went about campus, meeting friends, and attending classes. A clip of Tom’s activities at Reaseheath comes at the end of the second programme in the series, which will air on BBC2 tonight (Wednesday, March 30) at 9pm.

Many thanks to the staff of the countryside department for their support and co-operation during the preparation for filming, and throughout the day.

Catch up on the first episode of ‘Employable Me’ on BBC iplayer.