4 ways to prepare for college

Hooray! You have finished your GCSEs and now you have the whole summer to enjoy and relax. Take time for yourself, spend time with friends and family and soak up the sun. Make the most of this time before you start on your next adventure to college.

Don’t let it consume you too much but do remember to do a little bit of preparation for college. This will help to settle your nerves nearer the time and ensure you’re in a great position to get stuck in straight away.

Get an organiser/diary

When you get to college, you may notice you are a lot busier with your studies and social life, so ensuring all your plans and important dates are noted down will make sure you never miss a special occasion, or college deadline.

You will have a bit more freedom and independence in comparison to high school and you may have free periods, so when you receive your timetable at the start of your course, try and plan your week around this, making best use of your time.


Depending on your course of study, you may require different pieces of equipment, it’s a good idea to check this before you start. You can find the full list of equipment you need for your chosen course on the Kit List 2023 page of our website.

Whichever course you have chosen, pens, paper and folders will also be wise to purchase to make notes in lessons and keep everything nice and organised.

Plan your travel route

If you are not living on campus, you will need to have a think about how you will get to college every day. There are many different effective ways to travel, if you live locally you may drive, walk or bike.

If you live a little further afield, consider bus routes or the train. At Reaseheath, we offer a range of efficient and cost-effective methods of transportation including extensive bus routes and even pick-ups from Crewe station.

Moving away from home

Not everyone will move away from home for college, but for those who are, our campus is fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a home away from home. You will be catered for in our catering facilities, so you will not need to worry about purchasing lots of kitchen utensils or stocking up on lots of food.

However, you should prepare the items you will need for your bedroom and bathroom including;

– Duvet, pillows and bedding

– Clothes and shoes

– Cleaning supplies

– Room decorations

– Towels


Now you have a slightly better understanding of what you can do to prepare yourself for college, take this time to enjoy your summer and spend time with friends.

Don’t forget if you are feeling overwhelmed by the transition speak to your friends and family, or others who have started college.