Students who have gone the further mile in demonstrating  Reaseheath’s PRIDE values or made extra effort leading to achievement or progress were recognised at our latest ‘Student of the Term’ awards.

Each department had the difficult task of choosing one outstanding student to put forward for this accolade. The citations were read out during an on-line celebration attended by Reaseheath’s senior staff, the award winners themselves and their family members.

A shorter, face to face meeting was also held at college and those who could attend were congratulated in person by Principal Marcus Clinton. All received a certificate and cash voucher.

Our Autumn term awards went to:


Thomas Allison-Smith (Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture – Arable pathway)

Thomas, a third year student, was selected by our Agriculture department for his commitment and maturity, and for sharing skills which benefitted both the college farm and his fellow students.

In her citation his Course Manager Katie Lunn explained: “A new cropping plan was determined for the college farm which allowed all agriculture students to be involved in a grass reseeding programme and in planting winter cereals. The area amounted to 73 hectares and was the largest area of autumn cultivation ever undertaken at Reaseheath.

“Third year arable pathway students were involved in the preparations and when the land was ready for drilling Thomas really came into his own. His experience of working on a large-scale arable farm had provided him with the knowledge and skills to operate technical machinery to an exacting standard. He took over driving the college’s New Holland T7 tractor with combination drill, performed accurate seed calibrations, used sophisticated technologies such as GPS and Self – Steer and incorporated electronic tramlining into the drilling operation.

“Not only did he help the farm by completing the drilling, he also shared his knowledge with other students by explaining the process and how the tractor and drill technologies were set up. In return, Thomas felt that teaching his peers had boosted his confidence and self esteem.”



Sophie Rivers (Level 2 Technical Certificate in Animal Care)

Sophie was put forward by her lecturers because they felt she embodied Reaseheath’s core values and also had the determination to succeed both academically and within industry.

In her citation, Course Manager Natalie Bampton wrote: “Sophie has been nominated due to her passion, proactive attitude to learning, hard work and dedication. She continuously demonstrates the college ethos in everything that she does and puts 100% into all theory and practical sessions.

“Sophie shows willingness and determination to work through new situations and does this well and to a high standard in a calm and confident manner. She is starting to develop an excellent skill set ready for her entry into her chosen industry. She is on track for her target grade and is working well towards this.

“The Level 2 Animal Management team looks forward to hearing of her future success.”



Lauren Salmon (Level 3 Diploma in Business, Events and Tourism)

Lauren was nominated due to her passion and hard work at both college and during her work experience placement.

Course Manager Sarah Lewis wrote: “Lauren has shown that she possesses the qualities and abilities necessary to advance and be successful in the business, events and tourism sectors.

“She is mature beyond her years and takes time to thoroughly examine a topic and ask questions so she fully understands it. She frequently assists peers in the classroom and assumes a leadership position while working in a team to advance the goal.

“Lauren is on track to meet her target grade because of her proactive approach to academic and extracurricular tasks, such as fundraising for Parkinson’s disease. I am convinced that she will achieve and surpass this goal due to her hard work and commitment.

“She has successfully adjusted from her prior apprenticeship and has made a great start to her college life. Overall, Lauren exemplifies the fundamental College PRIDE values, which will enable her to excel not only in the classroom but also in the workplace.”



Cameron Douglas (Level 1 Diploma in Carpentry and Joinery)

A mature learner who has chosen to learn a new skill, Cameron was selected for his passion to learn and his tremendous dedication to the department.

Joinery Instructor Sean McDonald wrote: “Having an adult learner always has a positive impact on the rest of the group. This is definitely the case with Cameron, and the teaching team is very appreciative of his support and positive attitude.

“The College PRIDE values are present in everything that he does. He shows great patience in practical sessions where he often helps high needs learners, explaining the task and supporting them through the process.

“Another example of Cameron’s willingness to help and be involved was when the department needed a dust free area to accommodate laptops to allow digitalisation of learner workbooks. He took the lead in the design of a room to be created in the existing workshop and produced a technical drawing to a high standard during his own time.

“Cameron is making the most of the college’s internal CSCS (Construction Safety Certification Scheme) training package and is consistently achieving high scores. He is under no obligation to do this but can clearly see the value of obtaining a CSCS card. He is well on target for his target grade and it is a pleasure to have him in the Construction department.”



Max Robertson (Level 3 Extended Technical Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture)

Max was selected for his willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ and for his consistently positive nature.  In addition to his Forestry and Arboriculture Diploma, he is completing his Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

In a joint citation, Course Manager Chris Reed and Residential Team Co-ordinator James Payne wrote: “Max role-modells excellent behaviour and commitment towards his studies and his own progression. He consistently makes a good impression on everyone he comes into contact with and is a positive force within the student body.

“Max sets the example for the rest of the group. This term he has been extremely proactive in surveying fungi diversity on campus and recorded a nationally scarce and red-listed fungi species. He is also very supportive towards his peers and frequently helps to develop their understanding.

“He is always happy and willing to help in any situation and delivers tasks with genuine and obvious enthusiasm. He brought his own ideas to Reaseheath’s Family Festival in 2022, successfully ensuring a good visitor experience and promoting the reputation of the College. He is valued and trusted by fellow students and staff alike and has obtained work roles within Agriculture and in the sports complex.”



David Swinnerton  (Level 2 Technical Certificate in Land-based Engineering)

David was nominated due to his exemplary attitude, dedication and diligence. With declared needs, he has overcome substantial barriers to access mainstream education, has integrated into a large educational setting and has overcome all challenges.

Course Manager Robert Jobling wrote: “David has a thirst and quest for knowledge and comes fully prepared for all theory and practical sessions. He sets very high expectations and strives for perfection in everything he does. He is very pro-active with his learning and is always planning ahead to ensure he is aware of expectations.

“David is making excellent progress and is always striving to improve. In practical sessions he is very keen to follow correct procedures and processes to ensure tasks are completed to a high standard. In theory sessions, David is always prepared and his readiness to learn is a fantastic example for other students.

“His attendance and punctuality is outstanding, and his determination to succeed despite the significant challenges he faces shines through. All staff that teach him are inspired by his work ethic and how he represents the college’s PRIDE values.

“David deserves this award as he represents what can be achieved with hard work, a positive and can do attitude, appropriate support and engagement with the course and his teachers. We are all very proud of how he has progressed.”



Abigail Hallam-Bailey (Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Equine Management at Croft End Equestrian Centre)

Abigail was selected for her hard working and proactive approach to her studies and for her horse centred management of the college’s equines.

Course Manager Danielle Haughton wrote: “Abigail has always been a motivated and hard-working individual, although in her first year she lacked confidence in demonstrating her knowledge in front of her peers.

“We have seen marked progression in the second year of her programme, not only in her equine knowledge, but also in her practical and employability skills which are imperative for success in an ever-growing industry.

“Abigail Is currently undertaking an Event Management unit which requires students to have significant organisational and management skills. She is planning her event and has shown awareness of legislation and profit and loss management.

“She is one of the most enthusiastic students in her riding sessions, taking every opportunity to share her ideas on the horse’s way of going and behaviour, and always going the extra mile to support peers who are finding the topic challenging.

“She also works hard on the yard caring for the horses. She is confident working with a variety of ages, types and challenging behaviours, always ensuring that she follows effective management practice with a horse centred approach. We look forward to her continued development and progression into industry.”



James Pennington (Level 3 Diploma in Agri-Food Enterprise)

James was nominated because of his dedication and passion for the food production and farming industry. This regularly leads to in depth conversations with lecturers from both departments on topics associated with this new course. He is even encouraging new students to join us next year!

Course Manager Jessica Davies wrote: “It is very refreshing to hear about James’s hard work back at home on the farm, and about his innovative ideas for driving his family business forward.

“At college he always brings a smile to his lessons, arriving promptly and ready to learn. He is confident to lead a group task, is careful to share roles and responsibilities and always tries to ensure he delivers a task above and beyond.

“James has an excellent attitude to all tasks and his passion for learning shines through. He even offers to help staff in his spare time with jobs on the farm or in the processing halls. He has also become a student rep and is the perfect example of a willing, helpful and approachable young person who follows our PRIDE values.



Eddie Rutter (Level 1 Land-based Studies – Agriculture & Environment)

Last year Eddie completed his Level 1 Certificate. This year he is working towards his Diploma and his hard work has seen him go from strength to strength.

Curriculum Area Manager Andy Smith and Course Manager Beth Russell wrote: “Eddie Rutter – he is a superstar!

“He is now a team leader on practical sessions and uses his growing knowledge and skills to help new students through peer teaching. It is fantastic to see how he has embraced the College PRIDE values, guiding others on how to behave in the classroom and in the practical setting – a great example for our Be More programme.

“He is patient and caring for his fellow students and has taken on the role of Course Rep, where he represents his peers. He can also be trusted to support and check on the progress of others or take a group himself to an area to complete required tasks.

“Eddie takes part in stocks sessions on the college farm – a first for a Level 1 student and further evidence of him leading by example. He is highly regarded by the farm staff which shows his potential to move successfully into industry.”



Abby Dewhurst (Level 3 Diploma in Floristry)

Abby was nominated for always going the extra mile which results in outstanding work, particularly when helping her tutors to create floral table settings for our Reaseheath100 celebratory dinner.

Course Manager Helen Longshaw wrote: “Abby’s passion for floristry shines through in the practical work that she produces. She gives a lot of thought to each piece and has produced some great designs as a result. Her theory work is always fully detailed.

“As tutors, we have really valued Abby’s contributions in the classroom. She consistently displays a positive attitude and is always ready to embrace new challenges, often supporting other students along the way. We also love the fact that Abby is always keen to stay behind to help us brush up and clear the classroom!

“Most recently, Abby played a huge part in creating the florals displays for the Reaseheath100 dinner, which were highly praised by staff, students and visiting guests. Abby, worked with initiative and determination, helping and supporting floristry staff to ensure these designs were of excellent quality and supplied on time.

“She is also enjoying her time here as a residential student, taking part fully in socials and clubs and embracing the whole Reaseheath Experience.”



Alfie Muir (Key Stage 4 City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Land & Environment)

Alfie was nominated due to his hard work and the 100% effort he applies in theory and practical sessions.

Lead/Co-ordinator Susan Gilding wrote: “Alfie fully participates in all activities and strives to complete tasks to a high standard. This is evident in the way he completes practical and theory tasks, very often staying behind to ensure his vocational area is left to the expected industry standard.

“Alfie works extremely well as an individual and also as part of a team. He supports his peers and leads by example when in a leadership role. He has a proactive attitude towards both academic and practical tasks and is working to the best of his ability to achieve his qualification this year. He continues to be a reliable member of his group, and is a valued member of the Reaseheath community.”



Chloe Lofkin (Adult evening class)

An aspiring vet, Chloe needs higher GCSE grades in maths and English to apply for the degree in veterinary medicine and surgery which she hopes to study. She missed a lot of schooling when young due to ill health but is now taking every opportunity to catch up on her education and is an aspirational and model learner.

Tutors Cath Tye and Joe Cartwright wrote: “Chloe has taken every opportunity to work on her maths independently alongside her college studies. She has attended all our additional on-line revision lessons and takes away past papers to hone her exam technique and pacing even more. She is highly motivated to absorb and practise the more complex mathematical skills needed for the GCSE higher qualification which she will sit in the summer.

“In English, Chloe has been an outstanding learner. Her attendance has been second to none, her endeavour and work ethic is an example which all learners should aspire to and her desire to complete extra-curricular work outside of the lesson time is unparalleled.”



Craig Redfern (Land-Based Service Engineering Technician Apprenticeship)

Craig was nominated for Student of the Term due to his hard work and dedication and for his outstanding progress despite dyslexia.  He was a recent winner at the LBSE Technician Apprentice of the Year in the Midlands Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeship Awards.

Apprenticeship Delivery Manager Tom Langley and Skills Coach Paul Griffiths wrote: “Although Craig was enjoying a good workplace experience with his employer, Sharmans Agriculture Ltd in Melton Mowbray, he was finding it difficult to explain and show this in his written work.

“He asked for additional support and after some direction from his Skills Coach, Paul Griffiths, his work improved dramatically. Two years into the programme Craig asked for further support as he felt he had issues with his reading speed. A Learning Support tutor identified the need for extra time, a reader and a scribe during exams.

“Despite his challenges, Craig is extremely conscientious and always looking to expand his knowledge. He has had to work harder than others to achieve the standard of work required for IMI but has always done this with a positive attitude.

“His work is always of a very high standard company and he is well supported at his workplace.”



Gio Oxby (Level 1 Vocational Studies (Sport).

Gio competes at the highest level in Para swimming for his age group and follows a stringent training regime alongside his college studies. He was a recent medal winner at the Winter British Para Swimming Championships in Glasgow, where he won gold in breaststroke and silver in butterfly. Just weeks earlier he also won gold in the Swim England North West regional swimming championships with an impressive personal best in the 50m breaststroke.

The Sport teaching team wrote: “Gio is a model student both in and out of college who embodies Reaseheath’s PRIDE values.

“Gio demonstrates this by volunteering to assist students on other courses, such as offering to be a client to allow them to complete critical examinations for their certificate. He has also proven responsibility by successfully balancing the demands of his college study with a busy swimming training regimen.

“Gio exhibits integrity by engaging well with his course tutors to ensure that, despite his hectic schedule, he maintains a high level of academic success. Additionally, he abides by the strict rules and regulations of his sports discipline. As a Paralympic athlete he is a role model for diversity competing at the highest level.

“Out of the water, Gio has impressed many tutors with his maturity, enthusiasm and hard work towards all aspects of college life. He is a great natural leader and course representative and is supportive of his peers, both in the classroom and in the sports hall. He is an asset to the department, and we look forward to supporting him further with his academic and sporting success.”



Kellie O’Shea (Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour & Training)

Kellie is a mature student who has returned to learning after some years out of the education system. She has a background in canine rescue and rehabilitation but is committed to gaining a formal qualification and to updating her knowledge.

Course Manager Karen Beech wrote: “Kellie balances the challenges of returning to learning on a full time degree course with the demands of home life. She also travels  from Liverpool to attend her lectures and practical sessions.

“Despite this she attends her classes regularly and with a good attitude, gets involved and generally has a fantastic outlook. She contributes to discussions, asks insightful questions and is always engaging.

“I’m proud of Kellie’s hard work, and I’m proud to teach her. If anyone deserves recognition of their hard work, and a pat on the back, it’s Kellie.”