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Mission Statement

RHES endeavours to promote the conservation and scientific study of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates by undertaking a number of projects, trips, talks and skill building. RHES opens up communications for individuals interested in herpetology and entomology with weekly meetings, membership is open to all.


  • To raise funds and awareness for a related charity.
  • To develop personal skills to help individuals find employment in industry by undergoing a project.
  • To visit herpetological and entomological collections to make connections and advance learning.
  • To undertake at least one native species project with a conservation objective.
  • To run public events professionally using their expertise to raise awareness of the society and of the taxa.
  • To develop a series of talks and guest lectures to connect with experts and advance learning for themselves and other interested individuals.

Get Involved

To find out more about RHES contact Lauren Lane on 01270 613208 laurenl@reaseheath.ac.uk or come along to one of our meetings. Meetings are held every Monday at 4pm in AM2 at Animal Management.

T-shirts currently cost £7.50

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