New opportunities enabling local athletes to improve their performance are on offer at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

The college’s progressive sports department has created performance physiological testing packages for athletes using the high specification equipment in its sport performance centre.

The packages aim to enable athletes, from novice to competitive standard, to reach their full potential and are ideal for triathletes, duathletes, cyclists, runners and rowers. They are also used by footballers and others involved in team sports.

Athletes can book supervised sessions on the college’s sophisticated VO2max testing equipment, which measures an individual’s peak oxygen uptake and assesses endurance capacity.

Also on offer are a lactate threshold assessment, which identifies an athlete’s ability to perform sustained exercise at pre-selected intensities, and assessment of resting metabolic rate, which shows an athlete’s daily calorie needs. Body composition analysis is also available to identify lean muscle and fat mass.

All sessions include a consultation which compares training history and goals with analysis and interpretation of results, followed by tailored advice which can be used immediately in training.

The packages, which can combine several of the tests, are being delivered by Reaseheath’s Exercise Physiologist Stuart Fisher, who is well known in local triathlon and running circles.

Stuart has just represented Team GB at the World Duathlon Championships in Spain, where he finished 10th out of 38 multinational competitors in his age group and was the highest placed British athlete.

A City of Stoke Athletics Club member, Stuart said: “These packages are ideal for amateur athletes who would like to take their performance to a higher level, such as preparing for their first marathon or competition.

“Reaseheath’s top of the range technology enables me to collect and interpret data which I then use to advise clients on how to enhance their performance. These suggestions can be incorporated into a training programme after consultation with their own coach.

“This will hopefully enhance fitness performance and help athletes to reach their full potential.”

Reaseheath College has over £40,000 worth of high specification equipment in its state-of-the art sports performance centre and has also invested in outdoor sports facilities such as its all weather floodlit 4G pitch.

The performance physiological testing packages are open to club members and individuals. Participants must be over the age of 16 and must undergo a full health screening at Reaseheath prior to their session.  Reaseheath is fully insured and staff are trained in health and safety.

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