• ForestryArboriculture students have a go at using a micro drill with Mark Vestey and Phil Wade crop

Cutting edge technology which detects decay in trees was explained and demonstrated at a seminar at Reaseheath College.

A range of hi-tech products, including IML Resi-PD microdrill and PICUS 3 sonic tomography were presented to students and other delegates by Sorbus International, as part of their outreach programme to UK Colleges.  The seminar also covered other devices in the PiCUS range, including TreeTronic 3 Electrical Resistance Tomography, TreeQinetic and TreeMotion Sensors. Students were also introduced to the latest Haglof Laser Geo measurement device and the innovative BITE tree infusion system for applying beneficial treatments directly into the tree sap channels.

Students were also given the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ experience of using the latest IML Resi-PD microdrill and PICUS 3 sonic tomography equipment.

The IML microdrill and PiCUS systems are widely used by local authorities, consultants and contractors to assess the condition of trees, particularly those which are easily accessible to the public. The seminar demonstrated best practice in the use of the technology. It was led by Sorbus International Director Phil Wade, who has over 25 years experience of using decay detection devices on trees, and Mark Vestey who travels extensively in the UK and elsewhere to train & support customers on these devices.

Sorbus International is the exclusive distributor of the IML and PiCUS systems within the UK and is a big supporter of Reaseheath College, visiting annually to demonstrate the systems to arboriculture, forestry and countryside management students as well as updating them on innovations within the industry.

Sorbus International Director Phil Wade said: “Sophisticated technology such as that found in the IML and PiCUS systems can play a big part in extending the life of trees as they are primarily intended to be tree saving devices. It can also help to avoid unexpected accidents by alerting tree professionals to potential problems.  Most mature trees have defects and these systems allow action to be taken before they become serious.”

“Reaseheath is an excellent venue for us. It has great indoor and outdoor facilities and has a wide variety of trees we can use for assessment purposes. We are looking forward to our next session with the college’s countryside students.”