Reaseheath Conservation Society

Reaseheath Conservation Society was set up by students with a passion for conserving nature in a variety of ways.

By using our knowledge and enthusiasm, we hope to inspire others to contribute to habitat and species conservation, while also encouraging the development of relevant skills and knowledge.

Using our knowledge and enthusiasm, we aim to inspire others to contribute to habitat and species conservation while also encouraging the development of skills relevant and applicable in the field of wildlife conservation.


  • Raise public awareness of a variety of threatened species and habitats.
  • Conduct charitable fundraising for a relevant and worthwhile charity via both public and student events.
  • Undertake active volunteer work in conservation projects across campus as well as within the wider community.
  • Encourage the development of both new and pre-existing skills which are both relevant and beneficial in both the work place and within the field, enhancing member employability.

Why I joined Reaseheath Conservation Society…

I joined the Reaseheath Conservation Society because I want share my interest in nature with like-minded individuals.

It has as allowed me to offer my experience in media and has helped me to develop both my teamwork and communication skills. Ultimately, it has taught me that we all have a part to play in conservation regardless of our background or experience and that we can all take action, whether through beach cleans, surveying or managing land for wildlife.

Our time is now. You can make a difference and change the tide.  Let’s conserve so we can eventually preserve!

This year, the society’s goal is to make the college more sustainable by working both within the faculty and with external bodies. One example of this is a drive to cut down on plastics and use alternatives instead. We have decided to pursue a practical approach which may involve some of the following:

  • Beach cleans
  • Bat surveys
  • Workshops with the North Wales Wildlife Trust
  • Talks and workshop about preserving biodiversity in cemeteries
  • Talks in schools

If you have any ideas for activities that you would like the Conservation Society to run, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the community Facebook page – Reaseheath Conservation Society.