Introducing Lucy Pennington – Level 3 Professional Bakery student

Welcome all to my first blog, I am Lucy Pennington, an 18 year old student studying Level 3 in Professional Bakery at Reaseheath College.

This is me (Lucy Pennington)

I live just outside of Ashbourne in a tiny village called Alkmonton. How tiny you ask? So small that I somehow know everyone in the village even if I’ve never spoken a single word to them. I am the only 18 year old in my village and so while I’m at home, it is difficult to have a social life. So living in Halls of Residence at Reaseheath, really gives me the opportunity to have one, from sitting in the bar watching a magician or tribute act to going out on a Tuesday for student night in Nantwich. Reaseheath has offered me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have at home. College also gives you so many amazing stories to tell; things that make you laugh until you cry and can’t breathe, so you clap silently while laughing like a seal at the circus (we’ve all been there). There are stories that I’ll tell for years to come and I’ll still be laughing at them while people don’t understand what’s funny.

However, packing up to move into college or university can definitely be stressful. You’ll make a list, go shopping to buy the bits you need, sort it all out so that it is ready to pack, tick off as you go, then go through it all again to be sure. Even after all that, as the bags are loaded into the car, you begin the drive to your second home and become paranoid over the weirdest things. Did I pack my toothbrush? Should I have bought a shower cap? And god forbid you have left behind your favourite mug.

Once you’ve moved in and feel settled you have feelings of both home sickness and FREEDOM! Some people wanted their parents to stay longer and help them unpack so they prolong the goodbyes. I, on the other hand, gave my dad coffee in a to-go mug and waved him off.

I have settled into over 18 accommodation really well and refer to my room as ‘home’ as I stay most weekends too. I’m currently living in Student Village, Phase 1, and although the outside looks like a bit like a storage container, the interior is pretty impressive with wood furnishings – 10/10 would recommend! Living on site makes everything so much easier. Safeguarding are always around to help you out with anything they can. Not only that, but the Student Association’s (SA) socials are great, from UV parties to the annual Halloween Ball, the decorations and effort they put in to ensure a good night for everyone, is very admirable. If you were not here for Fresher’s Fair, the societies that have started this year are amazing and I have signed up for Accapella Society (if you are interested, speak to Jonathan Taylor or Rob Sparkes in the Student Life Office in the Bar). It was at this Fresher’s Fair that marketing approached me with the seven words which began this journey to writing this blog; “So, we have an opportunity for you…”