Student Societies

There are a huge range of societies on site that are all free to join and love welcoming in new students! Each society is made up of groups of passionate students with a shared interest and meet regularly to increase awareness of their cause, raise money for charity and have fun doing it!

Animal Enrichment, Training & Volunteering

Fancy learning more about animal trainers or keepers? This society offers all that and more with exciting opportunities to work at Reaseheath’s BIAZA accredited Mini Zoo, home to over 170 species of animals



Fly like a bird, or more fly with the birds at Reaseheath Mini Zoo, with our Avian Society! Enjoy this unique opportunity to learn more about our feathered friends and work with some of Reaseheath’s array of birds. 



Under the sea (or in a tank), our Aquatics Society is all about the wonderful world of wildlife in water, where you can take part in practical educational talks and more.



If you love to read and you want to explore a range of books and figures in the literature world with others who have the same passion as you, join our Book Society!



Join the Canine Society to get hands on experience at the Reaseheath kennels and expand your knowledge on all things from chihuahuas to great danes! 

Communications Society

Join our Communications Society and find out everything going on across campus, whether it be for our weekly roundup newsletter or our social media platforms! 

Conservation Society

Our Conservation Society provides you with every opportunity to get your green hands dirty and act fast in the ever-growing world of conservation!


Feeling crafty? Our Craft Society is the perfect place to come together, get creative and let your imagination run free.


Ever wanted to be part of the party scene, and throw exciting events from live acts to nightclub level events? The Entertainments Society is your chance to release your inner party animal for everyone here at Reaseheath 


Giddy on over to our Equine Society and enjoy a fantastic trip into the equine world and learn about everything from stable work to riding! 

Green Fingers

If you are a parent to plant babies, join the Green Fingers Society for hints, advice, competitions, trading, and the chance to purchase more plants!


Interact and meet others who share a passion for all things fantasy and delve into enticing worlds of mystical tales, from the pleasant hills of the Shire to the vast lands of Tamriel, or somewhere new entirely with our Fantasy Society. 


Do you come from an agricultural background, or are you looking to meet others who are? Our Farmers Society is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Think the infamous Young Farmers but with the Reaseheath community!

Herpetological & Entomological

Slither your way into our Herpetological& Entomological Society, where you can help out at Reaseheath Mini Zoo with their exotics and insects departments and get up close and personal with some amazing species!


Our International Society has been created for all our students who have joined us from overseas, and for students who wish to connect with our international students too!


Do you take pride in who you are? Our LGBTQ+ & Allies Society is the perfect safe space for you to meet with fellow students within the community, talk about all things queer and enjoy a friendly welcoming atmosphere here at Reaseheath.


Socialise with a great group of older students and get involved in ensuring that there are events that tailor to a mature background with our Mature Society!


Perfect your photography and filming skills with the Photography Society! Take stunning snaps of an array of environments here at Reaseheath such as our Mini Zoo or Student Life Events.

Raising and Giving

Are you feeling charitable? Then the RAG Society is for you! Get involved in events and activities across the year to raise money for a charity and help at some of Reaseheath’s biggest events such as Family Festival and Lambing Weekend!