Meet the Student Union

The Reaseheath Student Union works alongside Student Services to organise a range of exciting events on-site, as well as exciting off-site activities such as bowling, go-karting and cinema visits.

The Student Union is made up of current HE and FE students from different courses. There are a number of roles within the SU including President, RAG Vice President, College and Academic Board Reps, Communications Chair and more.

The SU are there to represent all students across the college and act as the Learner Voice from both an academic and enrichment perspective. The SU listen to, and support, all students ensuring that they have a positive and enjoyable experience whilst at the college, whilst aiming to lead the development of all things student led at Reaseheath.

If you’d like to get involved with the Reaseheath Student Union get in touch with us –

The current SU Team

Sophie Connor

RAG Chair

Kelly Docker

Societies Officer

Casey Crispin

HE Vice President

Summer Lakin

Communications Officer

Alex Hickey

Apprenticeships Vice President

Isabella Yates

FE Vice President