Academy of Land and Environment

The Academy of Land and Environment brings together the resources from our Agriculture, Countryside, Horticulture and Floristry departments. Whichever Land and Environment course you choose, you will benefit from our amazing facilities, advanced technologies and strong industry expertise from all three areas, so you will become ready for a great career in these progressive industries. Read all about the exciting careers you could go into on the Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture careers magazine here.

We have many course areas you could specialise in – you could become an agriculture student and help shape the future of sustainable farming by studying the food supply chain, field-to-fork concept and overall farm diversification. Or, you could help protect the UK’s natural environment with our Environmental Conservation course.

If you want to specifically manage trees and woodland for sustainable development, a Forestry and Arboriculture course would be perfect for you.

Maybe you are particularly passionate about managing greenspaces, like parks, gardens or sports facilities, and would like to explore this with our Horticulture and Landscape courses, or if you like working with flowers and have creative flair, Floristry is the course for you.

Whichever course you choose, the need to think, behave and work more sustainably, to counter the effects of climate change and pollution and to protect our world, has never been more essential. Changes to food production and funding will also see an increase in the need to understand the impact of farming practices on the environment and to conserve and enhance biodiversity, soil health, water quality and reduce pollution.

As a student with us, you will learn a broad range of skills for a great career in the land and environmental sector. If you’re passionate about making a difference, a course in this Academy is the perfect choice for you.

There are so many opportunities and excellent career pathways available to you as a student within the Academy of Land and Environment. The additional qualifications and relevant vocational experience you will gain in other related areas within the Academy will give you a variety of career options and will help you to shape and create a more sustainable future.


Environmental Conservation


Forestry and Arboriculture

Horticulture and Landscape