This course is designed to develop the advanced equine principles of health and advanced first aid practices. The course will cover:

  • Advanced equine health
  • Equine diseases
  • Advanced first aid applications

This course will be delivered using a mixture of theory and practice on the College Yard. A must for all horse owners to develop your knowledge!

Please note:

You will need to wear sensible yard clothing with appropriate yard footwear. We would advise you to bring extra clothing, such as waterproofs, warm jackets or a cooler top with sleeves if the weather looks as though it could be unpredictable.

For safety reasons we ask that no jewellery, apart from a watch and wedding ring, is worn.  It is also advised for safety reasons that hair of shoulder length or longer is tied back. In addition, hoodies are not permitted. We would also advise that you bring a hat and gloves for horse handling elements. Please ensure your hat has been correctly fitted and meets the current safety standards, available at: 2023-bhs-approvals-and-bhs-assessments-hat-guide-v1.pdf




Half day