Key Stage 4:

Forest College

The Key Stage 4 Forest College is a 30 week that programme runs one day per week within the college academic year.

Term starts after October half term, we offer transitional visits during the first half term. We also provide ongoing support for students who have graduated from Forest College and transitioned into mainstream college programmes at Reaseheath.

The KS4 Forest College programme is designed to re-engage and support young people to feel positive about themselves and their abilities, to lower anxiety and build resilience. Research shows that time spent outdoors and in crafting activities lowers cortisol levels, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

The programme is personalised for individuals to develop confidence, independence and employability skills. Our students work in small groups of 7-10. There are no formal qualifications in the programme and very little time will be spent on paperwork or traditional learning.

Success for Forest College students is measured in terms of attendance, engagement, resilience and the desire to carry on with a journey of learning. We value building friendships, having a positive work ethic and the wish to build a future and to be involved in education.

All Forest College pupils must arrange and fund their own transport, most have a taxi or parents transport them. The college day starts at 10am and runs to 3pm. We offer a very flexible programme and from October will be running 5 days per week.

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A bespoke skills tracker identifies the qualities students need in terms of the behaviours, values and engagement required in order to succeed in gaining qualifications in a further education setting and then tracks their progress throughout the programme.

The Forest College curriculum is designed to facilitate the development of the skills that our students need in order to succeed.

What we want for our students

  • To start mainstream college well prepared to achieve the qualifications they need to follow their chosen career pathway
  • To have the confidence and self-management skills to manage the academic and social elements of the curriculum

The students are supported to gradually build resilience and learn important life skills. They are encouraged to integrate at their own pace and to become involved in activities when they are ready, and there is no pressure on them to participate, they are allowed to just observe for as long as they need. After just one term all our students reported a reduction in anxiety and an increase in engagement and aspiration to join the wider college.