British Dressage Competitions

British Dressage affiliated competitions from Intro to Grand Prix including Freestyle, TeamQuest and MyQuest

Prize money will be awarded up to 3rd place overall and rosettes to 6th place (subject to the number of starters in class).

Prize money not collected on the show weekend or within 24 hours of the competition will be forfeited. To claim prize money correct bank details must be provided for each competition entered.

For further information and competition rules please check the British Dressage website.

Please note that all BD entries close 1 week prior to the event however we may accept late entries up to 1 week before any competition. This will mean a late fee entry of £2 will be applied for any entries submitted after the 1 week from event date and this can be paid when paying online.

Withdrawal policy: If your entry is withdrawn after the closing date of entries for the competition, we will not be able to offer a refund or transfer of entry.. Please note all withdrawals need to be put in writing with a PDF copy of your Equo Invoice to and refunds are then issued via baccs, following receipt of both email and Invoice. These payments are not automatically given. please call the office with any queries.  We do not offer a transfer of entries.

*Please view British Dressage website for current vaccination policies*

On arrival we will ask to see horse’s passports prior to unloading, every time your horse is on site regardless of if we have seen the passport in the past. We hope our visitors and competitors will understand that the welfare of the horses is of paramount importance and that we have a duty to check that all vaccinations are up to date.

Whatever your dressage experience, we have a competition to help you reach your goals and progress up the levels at a pace that suits you. British Dressage competition structure ensures there’s no pressure to rush up the grades until you prove you’re ready; you’ll be competing in sections against riders of a similar ability and there’s lots of opportunity.

To enter any of our competitions please click on the Equo link below.

Upcoming dates

British Dressage Dates 2024/5  Entries Via Equo:

Monday 27th May BD FSM intro-inter1
Saturday 1st June (I-GP) British Dressage
Saturday 6th July (P-GP) British Dresage
Tuesday 23rd July BD FSM (I-GP)
Saturday 3rd August BD FSM (I-GP)
Monday 19th August British Dressage
Sunday 1st September British Dressage
Sunday 06th October British Dressage
Saturday 2nd November British Dressage
Sunday 1st December British Dressage
Saturday 4th January British Dressage I-GP
Saturday 1st February British Dressage I-GP
Wednesday 19th February British Dressage I-GP
Saturday 1st March British Dressage I- GP
Saturday 5th April British Dressage I- GP
Tuesday 15th April British Dressage I- GP FSM
Saturday 3rd May British Dressage I- GP
Wednesday 28th May BD FSM
Saturday 31st May British Dressage I-GP




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