* Equine Influenza Update*
After receiving veterinary advice from our local vets on the best measures to put in place to stop the spread of infection; we have decided to move onto allowing horses onsite who have been vaccinated with in 12months. We still ask to see horses passports prior to unloading.
We hope our visitors and competitors will understand that the welfare of the horses is of paramount importance.
Reaseheath Events Team

Combined Training

At Reaseheath Combined Training competitions consist of riders competing in two disciplines, dressage and show jumping. A competitor rides their dressage test then they do a round of show jumping. Any faults in the show jumping section are deducted from their dressage score to provide a final score. In the event of an equal placing the collectives from the dressage will decide the higher placing.

To enter any future Combined Training event, please enter online via equo.

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Upcoming dates

Class 1: Intro C 20X40 and 40cms
Class 2: Prelim 2 20X40 and 50cms
Class 3: Prelim 18 20X40 and 60cms
Class 4: Novice 24 20 x 40 and 70cms
Class 5: Elem 50 20X40 and 80cms
Class 6: BE 90 Test 92 20X40 and 90cms
Class 7: BE 100 Test 108 20X40 and 1M

1 – Preliminary 2 Combined Training 70cm 2016

2 – Preliminary 18 Combined Training 80cm 2002

3 – Novice 24 Combined Training 90cm 2010

4 – Novice 34 Combined Training 100cm 2009

5 – Elementary 42 Combined Training 90cm 2008

6 – Elementary 50 Combined Training 100cm 2007


Rosettes to 6th place.

Unaffiliated: £20 per entry (non-members). £18 per entry (members)

Affiliated: £24 per entry (entries close Saturday, 28 December 2019 for Ideal Saddles. Late entries will be take, if possible, for a £2 late entry charge).

More information on Reaseheath Club Membership is available here.

Please note that entries close on the Friday the week before the competition, however we will try and to accept as many late entries as possible with a £2 late entry charge.

All entries must be pre-paid in full (non-refundable once entries close).

For further information and competition rules please check the British Dressage website and the BS website.


Cheques to be made payable to ‘Reaseheath College’. Please ensure all entry forms are posted for the attention of the Equestrian Centre, Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6DF.

For credit/debit card payments please contact the Equine Event Co-ordinator on the number below:

Equine Events Coordinator, Phoebe Harper 

Telephone: 01270 616497  

Email: phoebe.harper@reaseheath.ac.uk