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* Equine Influenza Update*
After receiving veterinary advice from our local vets on the best measures to put in place to stop the spread of infection; we have decided to move onto allowing horses onsite who have been vaccinated with in 12months. We still ask to see horses passports prior to unloading.
We hope our visitors and competitors will understand that the welfare of the horses is of paramount importance.
Reaseheath Events Team

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9th February (Ponies)

9th February (Horse)

16th March (Ponies) 

16th March (Horse)

13th April (Ponies)

13 April (Horses)

11th May (Ponies)

11th May (Horses)

8th June (Ponies)

8th June (Horses)

13th July (Ponies)

13th July (Horses)

17th August (Ponies) 

17th August (Horse)

21st September (Ponies)

21st September (Horses)

19th October (Ponies)

19th October (Horses)

Upcoming dates:

  • Saturday 23rd November
  • Saturday 14th December

Classes for each day:

Ponies 14.3hh and under:

Class 1 –  Clear Round 30cms –  9am Start

Class 2 – 2 Phase 40cms

Class 3 – 2 Phase 50cms

Class 4  – 2 Phase 60cms

Class 5 – 2 Phase 70cms

Class 6 – 2 Phase 80cms

Class 7 – 2 Phase 90cms

Class 8 – 2 Phase 1M

Horses 15hh and over (Will not start before 1pm)

Class 1 – Clear Round 30cms

Class 2 – 2 Phase 40cms

Class 3 – 2 Phase 50cms

Class 4 – 2 Phase 60cms

Class 5 – 2 Phase 70cms

Class 6 – 2 Phase 80cms

Class 7 – 2 Phase 90cms

Class 8 – 2 Phase 1M


Show Jumping provides an opportunity for all members and non-members interested to compete against each other and to encourage a high standard of riding. All horses and ponies can experience the fun and excitement that Show Jumping can offer.

It takes place in our 30 x 60 indoor arena and can be enjoyed all year round. The courses are made up of coloured fences. Competitors will get faults if they knock a fence down, stop at a fence (refuse) or run around a fence (run out).

Our competitions are run in two phase, you must jump clear over the first phase of the course in order to proceed into the second phase which is timed as a jump-off section. The winner of a course is the horse and rider with the least faults and the fastest time in the jump-off.

Ponies class 1 starts at 9am.

Horses class 1 will not start before 1pm.

Competitors enter on the day. Please call 01270 616497 for any further info.

Rosettes to 6th place. £10 per class (non-members), £8 per class (members).

The competition will run under BS Rules.

For more information please see the British Show Jumping website.

Friday Night Practise:

Showjumping practice is a fantastic opportunity to prepare your horse for the weekend of competing ahead.
For just £12 you are provided with the indoor arena, a full course of showjumps PLUS a helper to pick up poles and raise the jumps as required (1 horse per slot).
Each slot is 15 minutes long and you can add an additional horse for an extra cost (£5 per extra horse per slot) or just keep it as a 1:1.
You are welcome to bring a trainer or just have a play around a course of jumps without the added pressure of a competition.
Book your slot via EQUO

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday 18th October
  • Friday 25th October
  • Friday 22nd November
  • Friday 29th November
  • Friday 13th December
  • Friday 20th December


Equine Events Coordinator, Phoebe Harper 

Telephone: 01270 616497  

Email: phoebe.harper@reaseheath.ac.uk