Reaseheath College takes your overall education and employment prospects seriously and will ensure that after leaving school, you have the opportunity to further enhance these important skills.

Achieving maths and English at GCSE 9-4 (previously A*-C) are essential for progression within Further Education and to Higher Education and employment. If you have yet to achieve these grades you will restudy these subjects in order to work towards achieving a minimum of a grade 4. If you leave school with high grades in maths and English, these skills will be further developed to ensure you are well equipped to work
effectively in the industry of your choice.

On starting your course at Reaseheath your GCSE results (and any other qualifications) will be used to identify which level of maths and/or English you will be required to study.

If you have not yet achieved your grade 4 GCSEs you will continue studying maths and English up to three hours a week and will be taught by specialised maths and/or English tutors. Most students will continue to study GCSE but some may be better suited to study an alternative maths and/or English stepping stone qualification.

Your vocational tutors will also support you to work through a whole range of maths and English activities that relate to your chosen industry. For example, you may be asked to prepare a written and verbal presentation and your written course work will require good grammar and spelling. For maths, you may have to complete calculations and be required to collect and use data.

If you are aged 19 and over and have not yet achieved GCSEs at grade 4, you will have the option of taking further maths and/or English qualifications suitable for your level free of charge. For students under 19 it is a government requirement that the College works to support the development of these skills.

Not only is it easier to find employment with GCSEs, but the starting salary of young people with GCSEs is over £2,000 more than those without, and the gap is widening.

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Why do I have to study maths and English?

English and maths at GCSE grade 4+ are essential qualifications for progression within further education and to higher education and employment.

Employers frequently stress the importance of GCSE/functional skills and they are recognised as being vital to the world of work and the college incorporates this work within your studies.

Students also need to have at least a grade C GCSE in maths and English to progress onto a university course. The college aim is that each student will work to a level to improve English and maths that is achievable to meet his or her own specific needs.  Functional skills, where practical, relate to the vocational subject area.

I got a D/3 in my GCSE maths/English, can I just resit the exam?

The College also offers an opportunity to re-study GCSE to students who hold a grade D/3 in English and maths subjects.  These are essential skills that will enable you to achieve to your full potential in your main subject area. You will study for one year, then sit the exam in June.

I’m 18, will I need to study maths and/or English?

If you do not hold grade C GCSE in English or maths you will be expected to study a specific qualification to progress in these subjects and all full-time students under the age of 19 are expected to improve their functional skills levels in communication, application of number and information technology.

I’m 20, what happens to me?

For students over 19 this is optional and depends upon individual circumstances, but the College feels that all students benefit from working to improve their English and maths. Sessions will be delivered discretely by specialised English and maths tutors where it is identified that you need to improve your qualifications. English and maths skills will also be further developed through embedding within you main qualification.