Information for parents

Reaseheath College is a safe and stimulating environment for young people to learn, work and enjoy.

Starting life at a College away from home can be an exciting adventure, but as a parent you may also have concerns about your son or daughter travelling to and from College, about how they will fit in and, if in residence, will they be safe, well fed and happy.

Your son or daughter may have similar concerns, and they are not alone. For instance, if they are coming to live in at Reaseheath then they will be with about 850 other students. If you have any concerns at all before your child’s arrival at Reaseheath then the first thing to do is to talk to us – to one of the School Liaison Team visiting your son or daughter’s school, their course tutor, the Student Services Team , or any other member of staff. Or perhaps best of all, one of our current students. We run Course Open Events throughout the year which give you and your son or daughter the opportunity to talk to course staff and current students alongside members of the finance, transport, accommodation and learner support teams. You will also be given the opportunity to take a tour of your son or daughter’s chosen subject area.

Reaseheath is a safe and pleasant environment and our students tell us that there is nothing like ‘The Reaseheath Experience’. We ask for, and take seriously, the views of current students about every aspect of life at Reaseheath – and act on them. This has led to many, many improvements in courses, in catering and leisure facilities and in improvements to learning and residential accommodation. We need to assure you that we will do everything to make your son or daughter’s stay at Reaseheath safe, happy and rewarding.

One way we have of doing this is to have an active ‘Child’ Protection Policy. Our Policy ensures that we:

  • Promote safe practice in everything we do
  • Actively seek and listen to students’ concerns and act upon them
  • Work with partners who provide additional services e.g. health and counselling services in order to ‘get the best’ for individual students

We are continually raising our standards to ensure that we provide the best high quality teaching and learning. The results of an Ofsted inspection in November 2015, showed that Reaseheath continues to be good (Grade 2) with some exceptional features and continues to be outstanding in many areas. In June 2013 the College also underwent another Ofsted inspection regarding the Care Standards Commission, which is responsible for ensuring the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults. The inspection report found Reaseheath to be outstanding in all areas: overall effectiveness, outcomes for young people, quality of service, leadership and management and safeguarding were all judges to be at the highest level.

If you have any concerns or require further information, please look through the relevant pages on our website or call Student Services on 01270 613209, where we will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate person to deal with your query.