Student Services

Reaseheath provides access to support and assistance to all students at any time, whether you are on a full-time, block release or day release course.

Based in Centrepoint near main reception, Reaseheath’s Student Services Team are always around to help and support you with such things as:

Our Student Services team

Mark Birkitt
Mark BirkittHead of Student Services
Nicola McCleave
Nicola McCleaveHealth and Wellbeing Manager
Peter Hynes
Peter HynesResidential Manager
Lindsey Driver
Lindsey DriverNighttime Campus Supervisor
Stuart Lloyd
Stuart LloydTransport Coordinator
Steve Weekes
Steve WeekesCampus Supervisor
Debs Whalley
Debs WhalleyStudent Services Administrator
Alison Goodall
Alison GoodallStudent Services Officer
Astra Drakeley
Astra DrakeleyStudent Attendance and Retention Officer
Rob Sparkes
Rob SparkesStudent Life Coordinator
Rach Stoddard
Rach StoddardStudent Life Officer (evening)

Residential students

If you are a residential student this support from Student Services is expanded by the College’s Safeguarding Officers (see below) who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you need to contact a Safeguarding Officer in case of an emergency please call 07889 216789.

Full-time Safeguarding Officers

James Bone
James Bone
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes
James Payne
James Payne
Tom Ulman-Bourne
Tom Ulman-Bourne

Assistant Safeguarding Officers

Becky Phillips
Becky Phillips
Nicola Gaulton